SLP International Property Consultants Pte Ltd was established in 2001 and very quickly rose to become a leading property consultancy for industrial spaces in Singapore. Set to expand in the real estate industry across the Asia-Pacific region, SLP International entered into an agreement in March 2017 to acquire 49% interest in a registered estate agency firm in Malaysia, OAP Realty Sdn Bhd. Founded by Mr. Derek Siow in 2008, it has since provided estate agency services ranging from sale & leasing of residential, commercial, industrial, land and other special properties for many notable property developers and financial institutions .


Set to expand in the real estate industry, Mr. Joshua Goh, Director of SLP Malaysia and Mr. Darren Chew, Deputy Managing Director of SLP International saw that there was a huge potential in Johor Bahru’s real estate development scene back in 2013. They have met a lot of challenges and obstacles throughout the venture journey, and under a lucky coincidence they met Mr. Derek Siow, who was the current managing partner of SLP Malaysia.  Seeing both parties have the same vision, they reached into an agreement to expand the property market in Johor together, as well as to provide seamless solutions for businesses and investors in Singapore.

OAP Realty (Johor) Sdn Bhd in alliance with SLP International Property Consultants Pte Ltd (Singapore) was successfully established in 2014 under the close co-operation between Mr. Siow and Mr. Goh. They have set up an office at City Square in 2015. The City Square office which was mainly led by Mr. Joshua Goh was focusing on Industrial service, while our Molek Office which was led by Mr. Derek Siow was mainly focusing on Residential and Commercial Service.The co-operation between two partners has run very smooth and successful, which led to the merging decision. On the 4th quarter of 2016, both of our current managing directors have started to prepare for the merge. The business is now officially rebranded as SLP Malaysia.

In 2017, SLP International Property Consultants Pte Ltd (Singapore) has entered into an agreement to acquire 49% interest in OAP Realty Sdn Bhd.
Left to Right: Ng Kia Khee, Derek Siow, Darren Chew, Joshua Goh